Monday, March 14, 2011

Strombecker kitchen set

Well once again in the interests of putting the cart before the horse, this is the furniture I bought for the kitchen which has yet to have the floor finished. These pieces are from the 1930s, a wooden table, chairs and stool set made by Strombecker.

After I bought it I found out that this set sometimes comes with a little floral decal on each piece so I'm sorry they don't have that, but they're still so charming. I love the vintage green colour and the detail of them, they're quite simple but still nice.

I can't decide whether or not it would be ok to paint flowers on them myself. They aren't particularly valuable or anything but I don't like to mess up something in its original condition. I thought if I painted them they would have a bit of that Tynietoy style that I covet. 

The little bowl is actually from a tiny incense set. I keep finding little things like this around the house that I bought at some time because they were tiny and nice. Then finding that they'll work perfectly in the dollhouse!


Jend222 said...

Adorable set. I am all for putting the cart before the horse. I think a little bit of painted flowers on the chair backs and the top of the stool would be lovely, and a finishing touch. I wouldn't do it on the table though.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

If you're worried about wrecking the historical integrity of the pieces you could find a picture of the decals you were after online, print them onto removable stickers and then you don't need to worry. Or you could make little floral chair pads to add a touch of colour...

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