Monday, August 15, 2011

Dollhouse bed updated

Dollhouse bed "after"
I had trouble finding a bed I liked and finally compromised on a new one from Ebay. It had a nice shape but I didn't like the reddish finish to the wood (it also clashed with everything I already had) and the mattress was a piece of yellow foam with the coverlet fabric glued to it. Ick.
 Dollhouse bed "before"
So I stripped it all down and washed off the glue (easier said than done). I painted it my new favourite colour, Martha Stewart's bone folder, a simple creamy white with a vintage look. Then I made a new mattress using some foam with a quilt batting sewn around it for extra cushioning. The best part is when you use thread to add the lovely tufting. I love the results! I even created a little free tutorial to share:
Just click on the image to see it full size and go ahead and print it out and make your own dollhouse mattress. My own EFA dollhouse doll (more on that next) and the pug have been lounging on it non-stop.


minima said...

This blog is so sweet. The colors of the pictures and the page banner look so good. :)

Jend222 said...

Love the bed. Okay, now I am considering abandoning the work on my people house and moving directly to work on the dollhouse! Too many projects!!!!

Unknown said...

Love your bed. I have been looking for a way to make a mattress for a doll bed for christmas thank you.

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