Thursday, April 4, 2019

Primrose interior

This is the current state of the interior. It’s always tempting to me to start putting in furniture before the building work is done. In this case it did help me make decisions, for example I divided the kitchen area with different wallpaper from the living room.

This was my first time doing dollhouse wallpaper and it was a bit tricky but I love the way it looks. Here’s my tip: trace the pieces of your house before assembly then you can use this as a template for wallpapering. Looking forward to seeing it with the trim added.

For this house I decided to paint the “hardwood” floors. One of my other changes to this kit was to narrow the top floor to increase the light in the house and make it easier to arrange furniture downstairs. And then I can add a little ladder for access. I hope you are enjoying seeing the tiny house in progress! 

If you visit my Instagram @tinyhandmadedolls you can click on the tag #tinyhandmadedollsdollhouse to see all my dollhouse related posts including the still in progress Glencroft!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

A tiny dollhouse

I’ve been building a new doll house for the Tiny Handmade dolls and posting about it on my Instagram account @tinyhandmadedolls. I find it easier to post on Instagram because blogging with my phone isn’t great. Does anyone have an app to recommend?

Anyway, it’s the Greenleaf Primrose kit with some changes. I made mine smaller, added an extra door on one side, and adjusted the windows. I made the door smaller too. I wanted it too look a bit like a cottage/tiny house or playhouse. I’ve added my own trims and details I’ll show more later. I’m considering adding a dormer window as the upstairs doesn’t have a window now. There’s lots more to do but the dolls have already moved in... 

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