Thursday, July 19, 2012

Even smaller

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So as you will know if you've read my previous posts, I've been working on finishing my first doll house, a 1:12 scale project. But secretly, without posting about it, I've acquired other houses. I'm sorry I haven't had the chance to share but it's been quite busy.

I really wouldn't have room for another 1:12 house, so I've been trying out other scales. I became captivated by the little 1:48 (quarter size) house kits available from Petite Properties in England and picked out a simple house (the Honeysuckle basic house kit) to try. Although I do like the way they're usually finished with a realistic shabby chic style, I tried something different for my house.

This house is inspired by vintage toy houses, that are often painted in simple colours like cream, red and green. I found the kit very easy to put together, but of course any kit can be as challenging as you want to make it. I also tried out a few 1:48 furniture kits also from Petite Properties.
Because the furniture kits are laser cut there's lots of nice tiny detail but they are, of course, very delicate. I haven't finished the interior yet, but it was fun using patterned paper to make wallpaper and adding trim. Because it's so small you can make fireplaces from cardboard and cut trim (and roof shingles) from cardstock. There are still more things for me to do in the interior but you can get the general idea from this picture.
The tiny wooden dog was found in an old sewing box I bought at a vintage shop. Now he has the perfect home.
I had fun dressing the bed with a striped mattress, floral coverlet, sheet and pillows. I had also bought a tiny handmade penny wooden doll on Etsy (Renee Bowen Miniatures), and she is also the perfect size for this house. I made a tiny outfit for her and she is pictured here on the bed.

So really, it was quite practical for me to buy this house, in order to store these 1/4 scale miniatures and be efficient and well-organized.  Right?

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