Friday, January 21, 2011

A glimpse of furnishings

I haven't been very patient about finishing my house before making or buying furnishings so here's a sneak peek. Over the years I've bought a few little odds and ends just because they were so cute but now that I have a place to put them I'm gathering them all together.

And I've bought a few more little things recently. Hardly anything. Really. And of course, I made some new things myself. The picture above shows a little vintage crocheted dog I've had for a few years now. I was doing a little crocheting last night and started making something that wasn't working out and it turned into a tiny beret. And now that he has it, it seems like it should always have been there.

Making a tiny beret is very simple, I started with a crocheted circle, then once it was the right size stopped increasing stitches and crocheted a couple more circles to make a little rim. Then I used the tail leftover from the start to chain a few stitches and that's the little point on top. I used a single ply of yarn (a single ply of the machine knitting yarn you get from cones is perfect - I occasionally find them at Goodwill but also stocked up at the Montreal custom yarn shop I went to a few years ago) and the tiniest crochet hook I had, size 1.0MM.
For my niece's birthday I made some cushions to go with the living room set my parents bought her for Christmas. The set was contemporary, a white 3-piece couch and chair set with a bookcase, TV and entertainment unit. So I tried to pick some modern fabrics that a 9-year old would like!
Then I made a few extra cushions for myself. I like the blue print, it looks like something from IKEA to me, but it's a vintage bit of quilt fabric. It's a folklore kind of print with flowers, birds, a boy and girl and a little house. The other set is a pretty ikat-style rose floral.

The table is my first bit of furniture. It came as a matching set of two from Etsy. The legs on the other table are a bit chewed but the pair was only $3 so I can't complain. They're charming, I think they were probably made from a 1970s House of Miniatures kit.

And lastly the plant was a housewarming gift that came along with my miniature building permit from The Little Dollhouse Company when I picked up my kit.

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