Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've been doing various odds and ends on the house, but not really finishing anything. I keep doing little details like putting logs into the wood box when I should be getting the shell completed.

I need to touch up the stairs before I put that outer wall up, and that's the next step before doing the roof and other additions. The stairs had some primer and paint spilled on them - as I've already said I should have added them in later - and after sanding that off I need to add a fresh coat of polyeurethane. I'm waiting for a warmer day when I can air out the room afterwards.

So I think I'm kind of stalled a bit! I've also spent a lot of time on bits of furniture that aren't done yet. Although I did finally sand, prime and paint the living room floor.
I also bought some baseboard trim and thought I would try that out. But I realized I would need to add the door trim first, and the instructions say to add the door hinges before the trim. Which means getting the doors ready and figuring out the hinges. So I just tried out the baseboard on one of the plain walls. I love how it looks!
Adding the mitred corners is a bit trickier but I found a good little saw at a local hobby shop. I wasn't sure about going in as it seemed to be mostly boat, airplane and car kits, but they had lots of handy tools and the man I talked to had helpful tips and used to work on dollhouse furniture himself.

So that's the update for now, I really am going to finish the shell someday, but it could take a while!


Jend222 said...

love the baseboard and looking forward to seeing it progress further.

Do you wish you had bought one that was pre-assembled? Just wondering. More difficult to finish but .....

Claire Louise Milne said...

Oh no, I really do like assembling it myself, because at the end it will be just the way I want and I also love the Glencroft kit in particular. Plus I couldn't afford a pre-assembled one :)

Danielle said...

Reading your blog is seriously making me want a dollhouse! I just wish my actual home was looking this cute :)

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