Monday, April 25, 2011

Working on a tiny doll

I'm still intrigued by dolls lately, so here is another dollhouse doll. She came with a pink cotton body, but it was a bit floppy and also stained and looked fairly new so I didn't have any compunction about changing it. I used a nice linen and stuffed it firmly with wool.

I learned how to sew together a china doll cloth body (and attach the arms and legs) from the book Making Old-Fashioned Dolls by Venus A. Dodge. This book is chock-full of detailed doll-making information.
Her hair seemed nice in the photos but in the back it was just a crusty mess of glue. So I used some hot water to soften the glue and remove the wig which I will probably replace with a new one later. But underneath her head is molded to look like a hairstyle. Unpainted, it looks almost like a Marie Antoinette style. I would like new brown wool hair though.
And lastly, this doll was described as an antique doll but I don't think she is.
There's a small inked mark on her shoulderplate, which seems to be an initial that looks a bit like pi, along with the numbers "76". I think this refers to the year 1976, and it was possibly an artisan making a reproduction antique-style doll from a kit. Any ideas anyone?
Next I will have to make her a dress and think about wig options. I love her sweet face and contemplative expression! And at a diminutive 5 1/2" she will do very nicely for my dollhouse.

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