Monday, July 14, 2014

Blythe vintage hanky dress

Preparing to sew the dress
I've admired the stunning Blythe couture creations by Frédérique on Flickr for some time, and recently she just shared a free tutorial for a vintage hanky dress for Blythe. I finally finished my own version.
There are so many gorgeous details in the pattern, little techniques you can learn and the finishing is perfect. I think I may even like the petticoat the best, it's so frilly and adds a lovely volume to the skirt.

It took a long time to make this, I found the hanky fabric to be very delicate and hard to sew with my machine, so I did a lot of hand sewing. I tried using a nice new sharp and thin needle, but at times it just mashed the fabric down into the feed dogs. One trick was to start sewing a bit farther from the edge, then hand sewing the first part to tidy it up. In the end the results were worth it to me, and a few days while I had a headache it was nice to have some quiet sewing to do while sitting around.
You can find the pattern and, even better, a full photo step-by-step on how to sew each step here. Many thanks to Frédérique for sharing her talent and gorgeous pattern!

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