Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Glencroft trim

The next step to finish the exterior of my doll house was the trim. I painted it grey and I'm very happy with the way it looks. There's less contrast than with dark brown stained wood and I think it fits with a Tudor-style house rather than a historically authentic Tudor house.
Now I'm finishing up the extra bits like the flower box, chimney and brackets. Then I may start on the roof. After that it will be time to sort out the interior. With the roof on I can now finish the ceilings and if I'm going to add wallpaper, and I think that I am, I need to do that before installing the door and window trim (and therefore the doors and windows).
I'm thinking a lot about hinging the windows and doors and would love some tips on that. I'd rather not glue them all in a fixed position, but maybe that wouldn't be so bad for the windows at least. There are quite a few of them!


Rachel said...

The exterior of your house looks wonderful, very skilled! I love the grey beams :)
I've been a bit back to front with mine and am leaving the exterior to last!
To hinge all the windows would be lovely or if too many you could do just the front ones :)

Claire Louise Milne said...

Thank you Rachel! I kind of started doing a lot on the inside but was anxious to just have the whole structure finished which got me started on the outside. I suspect there will be some back and forth as there is still so much to do for both!

Jend222 said...

I'm so very glad you are back working on your adorable dollhouse and mostly, glad you are back to blogging about it. I have missed it so! I love the grey trim. No idea on the windows - to hinge or not to hinge - but the whole thing seems very very ambitious to me! I am so looking forward to reading about your progress. Please, keep us posted!

Claire Louise Milne said...

Thanks Jen! I got so busy in the fall I even forgot to go to the miniature show :(

The Shopping Sherpa said...

You may find the standard kit wood too "splitty" to hinge properly, but if you're keen to give it a try, Otterine's instructions for making hinged shutters would be useful: http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog1.php/cafe-shutters

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