Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dollhouse doll update

These EFA dollhouse dolls were for the Yahoo vintage cloth doll making group, and the lady was rushed a bit to meet the deadline. I wasn't quite happy with her yet.
So I went back to add a few details and now she has a blouse and petticoat...
and a new hairstyle - my favourite style of braids worn up. Which incidentally was my favourite hairstyle when I was nine. Possibly the style I will return to in my old age?

She didn't exist two days ago and now I love her. I know, I know, I need to finish her house now. Believe me that is a long term project!


Jend222 said...

Oh gosh. Too adorable. Agree. Much improved!

sew nancy said...

I love her. The hairstyle makes a huge difference. I love to wear my hair like this once in a while.

Rachel said...

This little dolly is so sweet too! I've now worked out and joined both your blogs, will enjoy following :)

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