Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dollhouse rugs

Upstairs rug - with a new bureau waiting to be finished
I've been meaning to do this for some time, and I'm glad I finally did because it was such an easy project but with such satisfying results. These are dollhouse rugs made using little sample pieces of fabric. I found these fabric pieces at the Textile museum sale and because they were so small they cost next to nothing.
Downstairs rug
If you'd like some nice rugs like this for your dollhouse it's so easy, here's how you do it. I used small pieces of woven fabric. It works nicely with a patterned fabric with texture, it doesn't have to be miniature scale since contemporary rugs often have large scale patterns. I wish I could make a full sized rug like this!

Because they were sample pieces the edges were already serged using clear thread. This means you can barely see the stitching at all but the edges won't unravel. An alternative to this would be to just use fray block or some watered down white glue dabbed along the edge.
I unravelled the serging on the two ends and squared them up by gently pulling the weft (crosswise) threads out and then trimming the edge straight. To make the fringe, continue to pull the weft threads until there is a fringe leftover of warp threads that's the length you want. If the fabric seems secure you can leave it like this, or use some fray block to make sure it won't unravel any further.
That's it! I love my new rugs, they make the rooms look so cosy.


Ann said...

Excellent idea! Glad to see you blogging here again!

Jend222 said...

Really glad to see you blogging again. I missed the dollhouse development. I saw a dollhouse at a garage sale, a little worse for wear but I think with some TLC, it has potential, and based on your inspiration, I bought it! Just working on the people house now, and then I will move to the smaller one! Getting lots of ideas from you and can't wait to get into it. Of course, this is yet another one of them.

But wait, there seems to be a lot most stuff in the dollhouse than there was in the pre-summer, blog-holiday days. Are you going to share its development that we have missed? Please!!!

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