Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dollhouse doll dressed

I've finally wigged and dressed the dollhouse doll. Wigging was something I knew nothing about but I just finished my first Gail Wilson doll kit and so that taught me a nice way to do it with wool top. I even managed to use the leftover wool from the doll kit to make this miniature doll's wig.
The only concern in this case was that the head was a bit large as there was a molded hairdo, but I thinned out the wig as much as I could and I'm content with the results. The Gail Wilson kit also taught me about stuffing the doll more firmly, so I applied that to this doll and now the head is held up firmly (instead of flopping due to the heaviness and a soft cloth body) and the doll stands easily.
Working on clothes this tiny is pretty fiddly and kind of frustrating. I really wanted to make a proper dress that had sleeves and some detail. The sleeves were probably the trickiest but I just did each step the way I normally would but a bit more painstakingly if you know what I mean. In the end this dress turned out well, it even has a bias trim enclosed neckline.

I could use the sewing machine in some areas but it did require some handsewing. Also working this small you need to be careful about fraying so the gathers around the waist are lined on the inside. The dress is even removable.
The real treat was being able to use a little scrap of vintage fabric for the dress since it required so little. I love this print so much! It is one of many tiny hoarded scraps I have, so it was nice to finally have the perfect project for it. The pink and red floral print even works with her rose pink painted stockings. The petticoat is made from eyelet trim that was already ruffled and bound at the top.

Now that I have the first inhabitant ready, I really should finish the house...


Jend222 said...

She's adorable! Yes, you really must get the house progressing. I have missed the posts about its progress!

sew nancy said...

I love this doll and her dress. Wonderful work Claire. I'm really loving this blog. Dollhouses and miniatures are something I love. I hope someday to try out some of these things.

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